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Shop Luxury Expensive Suits for 2017

Men’s suits are a must have in all wardrobes. Work, formal events and occasions like weddings and proms all call for you to pull on a good suit and make sure you look strapping. But as a man grows up and progresses further in life, suits aren’t all that you should be wearing. Expensive suits are those ones that exude glamor and luxury, which you need in some very important events. Work meetings and promotional events where you need to leave a lasting impression call for such expensive pieces. Here are some suits you can check out and contemplate buying:

Three Piece Dolce and Gabbana Expensive Suits

A truly gorgeous pick made purely out of blue wool featuring a jacket, a waistcoat and a pair of suit trousers priced at nearly 3 grand. Best worn with a white formal shirt and a tie of a matching color.

Classy Gray Two-Piece Wool Suit 

You have a jacket and suit trousers in this expensive suits set. The slim leg trousers match the perfectly sized jacket that comes with it. Made from gray virgin wool and available for nearly 1 grand, comfort is not the only thing you will be reaping from this set.

Donegal Wool and Silk Hybrid Suit

A perfect blend of the two materials this suit is available in Lead color and features a rugged aesthetically uneven look. Which of course is a great thing as you will be stepping well beyond the stereotypical boundaries of expensive suits.

Black Three Piece Tom Ford Suit 

A classic piece from the well-known Ford brand this one is brought alive from the years of 1940-1950. This suit includes a waistcoat, jacket, and suit trousers fit to perfection.

Ralph Lauren Single Button Tuxedo

You can’t go wrong with the slim fit jacket and flat front trousers made purely from 100% wool. Available in the color black and for 2.5 grand, this Italian suit is a wonderful pick.