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Casual Suit Ideas for the Stylish Man

Buying a suit is downright impossible for many men. Some have a problem with their budget and others just do not want fit into an uncomfortable suit and go through the pain and trouble. No matter what your reason may be a casual suit is fit for everyone. Different than a formal suit that needs all the fittings and minor problems with how it looks a casual suit will make all your problems go away. If you have no idea how to assemble such a look then here’s some inspiration:

Black and Stripes

For this casual suit look, you will need a black and white striped crew neck tee, black straight leg pants and a black blazer. Pair with white sneakers and a pair of black sunglasses.

Gray and Black

Name a better color duo? The perfect idea for a casual suit would be a pair of dark blue jeans, a black fitted textured sweatshirt, and a heather gray blazer. This suit assemble looks great on everyone. Sneakers or suede boots would fit with this look.

Stylish Hipster Casual Suit

It’s great to change the direction of your wardrobe every once in a while. Opt for this hipster themed casual suit ensemble. Start off with a floral formal shirt with a white base and a blue blazer and formal trousers. Bring everything together with a black belt and shoes.

Suspenders for the Olden Times

Suspenders will never fail to make your casual suit look appearing as chic and vintage. Your outfit should start off with a checkered formal shirt, a black and white checkered bow tie, a black blazer, black formal pants, brown suede shoes and a chic beige Panama hat. Don’t forget the gray suspenders.

Blazer? Sweater!

Not every casual suit must have a blazer within it. Go for dark blue jeans, a brown belt, a light pink formal shirt, a gray sweater and on top a woolen sweater cardigan.