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How to Wear Pink Leggings in Summer

Pink is the color of summer as many say! Its festive liveliness sparks off a great love for the lighthearted colors you can add to your wardrobe. Best of all there are many shades of pink. From the lightest to the darkest you are free to choose whichever. And you know, …

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Navy Leggings: What To Pair Them With

Leggings are an essential part of every wardrobe. Having a bunch of different colors and styles always around your closet is said to be the greatest idea you have ever had. Black is mostly the color ladies opt for but you can go a little stylish with other shades like navy …

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Beige Leggings Better Than Black Leggings!

Nearly every girl has a pair if not a bunch of black leggings in her wardrobe. She likes to pair them with nearly every outfit of her choice to make it look trendy and casual. Although black may be a great color, it gets sort of mainstream and boring. If you are …

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How to Make Your Own Capri Leggings

Having a lot of leggings in your wardrobe is never a problem. Every girl cannot ever get enough of leggings. They can be worn as pants, under dresses, for working out and best of all they perfect every outfit they appear in. But like always every girl wants a change …

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How to Elegantly Wear Ripped Leggings

At first sight, ripped leggings may appear to look trashy or unfitting for many occasions but do not judge a book by its cover (leggings with its rips). Many famous stars like Kendall Jenner have worn these ripped fashion pieces for going out and about. And they look amazing! Not …

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