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Wear A Vest for Women and Ditch Your Bra

Women of the world unite! The woes and troubles of bras are never ending. From clinching to extra sweating to breaking to underwire poking, the list seems never ending. How about we tell you there’s a fancy and smart alternative to wearing bras? Introducing the vest for women. Not only do they keep your body perfectly in shape, but these are far more reasons for you all to ditch bras.



Face it, girls don’t want to wear bras as much as men don’t want to be in tight trunks/boxers all day. It is exhausting and annoying. If it perfectly plausible for men to do it, why can’t us ladies do the same about our lady parts?


The summers are here and nothing is more irritating and embarrassing than having patches of sweat under your breasts. Constricting your breasts like that is highly unhealthy.


When you are not wearing your bra, your pectoral muscles are constantly working to keep your breasts holding up in shape. This is an exercise on its own that will keep your breasts looking perkier and healthier.

No Underwire

This one is an absolute no brainer. No one wants underwire digging into their skin at all hours of the day. Going braless will instantly free you of this nagging ache.

Get Dressed Faster

When you wake up in the morning, groggy and disoriented, no one has enough time to look for their bra. Just throw on the fancy and classy women’s vest to attain all the shapeliness you are looking for.


Vests on their own are sexy, simple and perfect to give your breasts their desired curvature and accentuation. So instead of opting for under the clothes discomfort, why not select over the clothes comfort that comes alongside style and allure and whole new outlook?