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Lady’s Pant Suit Styles

Formal looks are running out of styles and variations. Ladies need to be looking on point and fresh throughout the day or else…who will do that? Dresses are usually the perfect item for a formal look. But, if you want to be more experimental, then a pant suit would be perfect to start with. In the beginning of this article it is said that formal looks are running out of styles…true! But, with pantsuits, you have all the styles you need and want.

Slim Fit Cuffed Trousers and Blazer

Keeping your look casual and chic, this pant suit style is the trendiest one you can go for. Make sure you do not overdo the formal with the shirt choice. Go for a simple white crew neck top.

Wide Leg Pants and Coat

This one looks a legit suit but…nothing you can’t casualize. Go for black platform heels, a scoop neck top and a silver watch. You can leave your coat unbuttoned.

Bell Bottoms Trousers and Vest

Vests are a more casual and chic piece to add to a suit instead of a blazer or coat. Not just that but they suit in warm spring days where you want to look formal but not die from heat while at it. Opting for bell bottom formal trousers simply tops off your impeccable look. Leave the vest unbuttoned as well as the first 2 buttons of your blouse/shirt.

High Waisted Trousers and Prints

If you simply wear a top, blazer, and trousers in plain colors to work…that is considered a work look. So exploiting that opportunity would be great. Opt fro berry/burgundy colored high waisted pants and blazer. Keep your shirt choice a easy one with patterns.

Capri Formal Trousers and Coat

What a striking pairing! Keep your coat unbuttoned, the sleeves pushed/rolled up and your shirt tucked neat into the capri pants. Platform heels are the best pairing with this outfit.