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How to Style and Wear A Corduroy Skirt

Textures are a very important part of fashion and are sadly undermined. Many people do not really care for materials and textures when it comes to shirts, leggings, pants or jeans. Although textures are greatly overlooked, they play a big role in shaping how you and your outfit looks. For example a corduroy skirt is a unique item that should have a place in every girl’s wardrobe. The feel of the fabric and how it feels under the fingers can not only be detected by touch. But from afar you will see that these skirts look better than normal skirts. Here is a list of looks you can pull off with such a skirt and look awesom at it.

Keep it Simple

With a high waisted corduroy skirt you can style it in various ways. For instance keeping your look simple with a crop/sleeveless top and adding ankle booties is perfect. Pulling on an overall like a denim jacket or hoodie is super stylish.

Add Some Stockings

Do not want to show skin? Or just want to take the modest and elegant path? No problem, pulling on a pair of stockings underneath your corduroy skirt is a simple way to add a big trend to your look. Now, every top looks great with your skirt and stockings.

Go Full Sleeve

Choose a flared corduroy skirt and pair with a full sleeve shirt that should be tucked in to your bottoms. Now, your outfit is like a canvas you can design accordingly. Add knee high boots or sneakers, a jacket…etc. The rest is up to you.

A Baggy Top Will Do

Instead of going for the tucking and perfect prim looking outfit, choose a bit relaxed look. A blouse with unbuttoned top buttons and open sleeves not to mention loosely tucked in to your corduroy is a look.