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How to DIY Your Own Glitter Pumps

Glitter is a big thing in fashion and everything that has glitter in it somehow is a definite yes from all girls. From glitter bags to glitter lipstick and eyeshadow to glitter skirts/tops. Glitter is just special that way and can win all hearts with just a twinkle in great lighting. Glitter pumps, on the other hand are totally out-of-those-wordly type of beautiful. Pumps in themselves are a great footwear style that flatters every foot but when you add glitter with an awesome style, you have an enviable look. But, forget about whipping out you credit card waiting for me to tell you to head over to some great website that sells super expensive mediocre glitter pumps and DIY them instead.

You Will Need:

Mod Podge Glue

Lots and LOTS of glitter (any color you like)


A paintbrush

Masking tape

Clear Acrylic Sealer

What You Need To Do:

Depending on the style you want to go for that is: glitter all except heel/glitter heel only/make glitter designs on the front and back, you must apply the masking tape accordingly. Megan from FreckledItalian used masking tape on the sole of her shoes to avoid getting glue on there.

Take your bowl and dumb some glue in there and add glitter till you feel like the consistency is enough. There are no fixed measurements here. Now, take your paintbrush and set to work. You can apply 2-3 layers to make sure you lock in the glue and glitter as permanently as possible. Leave the shoes overnight after you are done glittering them up.

Keep in mind that after drying up the glitter might look a little bleak. You can fix that by loosely brushing some clear glue on top and loosely putting glitter all over the shoes. Some have made glitter pumps this way without sealing their formula in but experts state that without a sealing spray the glitter can go everywhere especially if you will be wearing a long dress.