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Prom Suit Color Ideas

Prom is undoubtedly a very big part of every high schooler’s life. It is nearly something that they survive all their high school years for. And most girls like to plan for this moment for many months. Their dress choice, jewelry, makeup selection and most of all which shoes they will wear. But although that may sound super elaborate, high school boys as well need to do the planning and figure out which prom suit they will be wearing. And although the selection of suits are not as big as the selection of prom dresses, there is still a variation and you should be well versed on it. Check out these prom suit color ideas:

Feather Gray

Gray is most definitely the best choice after black. That is if you want to stray off the mainstream path. Feather gray looks elegant and quite dapper on young men. Pair with black formal shoes and a polka dotted tie.


Another very different and popular choice you can make good use of is velvet. No matter which color, velvet is a perfect choice for the popular kids who are hell bent on creating an aura about their name.

Red Wine and Burgundy

These two colors which are both shades of red help in keeping your prom suit selection open. No matter which dress your partner has chosen, these two colors match with every dress shade. Not just that but they look very handsome.

Light Pink

Pink is known to be “not a man’s color” but who is there to prove that? You can rock a pink prom suit regardless of what people think. Pair a light pink formal pants, vest and blazer with a dark blue tie, kerchief and a white dress shirt.

Heather Gray 

The perfect shade to top off this list, there are things you can pair with a heather gray prom suit. Even the color purple!