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Sexy High Heel Sneakers Designs to Shop

Every woman owns at least 10 pairs of heels, no? Truth is, classic heels are starting to become boring and now a much-needed change is in motion. High heel sneakers are the upgraded version of heels and they are super cute. Not to mention they do not look trashy like how you thought they’d be. Below are some gorgeous styles you can check out:

All Star High Heel Sneakers

All Star sneakers are a big hit in the fashion industry but add a wedge heel to them and they will blow up. These high heel sneakers are available in 4 different shades and look super preppy when you pair it with skater skirts and casual outfits.

Black Suede High Heel Sneakers with Stud Detail

Currently, on a big discount, these high heel sneakers have a suede upper and a 7 cm heel. The contrasting white sole matches the silver chains wrapped around the shoe’s body. Hurry! Only a bunch left in stock.

Faux Suede High Heel Sneakers

These are more called platform sneakers, not high heel sneakers but it’s the same thing. Up for grabs in the color, black these suede sneakers are a mix of great materials like rayon, cotton, polyester, and spandex.

High Top Sneakers with Wedge

Wedges never go out of style and these high heel sneakers don’t either. The hidden wedge adds to the style and glamor of these sneakers while the lace up closure system gives it a different preppy dimension. Available in black, navy and vamp Leather they are bound to make you look stunning.

Cute Platform Lace Up Sneakers with Mesh Detail

Gone are the days when high heel sneakers were considered ugly. These super adorable hipster platform sneakers change the game completely. Available in black and white, the white is recommended for aesthetic pictures to post on your Instagram and Tumblr.