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How to Wash a Rain Suit

Just about everyone has owned or worn a rain suit at least once in their life. If not everyone then let’s all agree that the vast majority at least has. When it comes to rainy weather, a rain suit is a life saver. However, once the rain is gone and the sun is up, the responsibility of cleaning and washing your rain suit arises.

The easiest way about this matter is to read the manufacturer’s label or tag. Most rain suits come with washing instructions so you don’t have to worry too much about it. In case that is missing, most rain suits are washed with cold or warm water. Also use the hand wash or gentle cycle and avoid throwing in a lot of clothes to avoid cramping.

You might need to rinse it twice because of the material of the rain suit which generally is hard to remove detergent from. The type of detergent matters too. You will need to use a mild liquid detergent to wash your rain suit. Avoid using powders or bleachers or even fabric softeners. These strong materials break down the fabric and your rain suit will break and tear in no time.

When drying your rain suit, make sure to spread out onto a flat surface in order to ensure maximum ventilation. Do not under any circumstances iron your rain suit. The material that it is made of will instantly burn or melt. This will in turn also ruin your iron. Also avoid crumpling it as wet garments can accumulate mold or even mildew.

Before storing it, make sure that your rain suit is completely dry. The frequency of cleaning or washing it will depend on how often you need to get rid of smells, dirt of stains on your suit. If you follow all these steps, you’re bound to have a long lasting rain suit.