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Cool Black Sneakers Refashioning Ideas

Sneakers have always been and are a great choice and hit amongst teenagers and the youth of today. Especially black sneakers since teenagers love to indulge in the color black. It is a cool color and everyone loves it. But what happens when your black sneakers start looking old and out of style? You refashion them. All you need is a bit of creativity or a little guide which will be in detail below:

Polka Dotted Sneakers

Have a white permanent marker? Great, because you’ll need that! If it is a fabric pen, that is better but no biggie if it isn’t! Carefully space apart your dots and run them along the sides of your black sneakers.

Galaxy Sneakers

Fabric paints will be needed for this one as you will want to paint the galaxies on your black sneakers. All you need is a paintbrush, water and your paints. You can use many colors like white, pink, yellow…etc.

Cool Designs and Shapes

Abstract art is loved by many and if you are one of the people who appreciates it, then take a brush and start. Use any color you have or want and start drawing random shapes all over your sneakers. An easy to make circles is by using nozzles.

Stud It Up

Black and gold match really well and if you have black sneakers all you need to get is a pack of gold studs. Place the golden studs everywhere you want and there you have a cool punk pair of sneakers.

Zebra Stripes

This style works best with white sneakers but with some effort you can paint your black sneaks with white paint and leave narrow strips to match the design of a zebra.

Glue and Paper

See any interesting art pieces in your local newspaper, old magazines or books? Cut it out and glue them to your sneakers.