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Slim Fit Suits Color Ideas

Wearing a suit is a very fun way of upping your style a notch. The best thing about suits is that they are so many different styles and variations helping you to be variant and choosy with the selections. One of those many designs and styles of suits are the slim fit suits. You might think their selection is very limited but it actually isn’t. There are a plethora of different colors you can take your pick from when it comes down to these types of suits. Before going shopping and finalizing whatever you picked out, check out these colors below:

Blues and Pinks

Two very fresh and lively colors, these look great in slim fit suits. The best way to bring them together is a light blue formal shirt, a black and white checkered tie, a navy blazer and very light pink fitted formal trousers. Top off with dark brown shoes.

Black and White World

Black and white looks very dapper when you find the both colors in a suit. Slim fit suits can be styles awesomely with these two colors. Start with a white collared formal shirt, black slim tie, black coat and black formal pants. Don’t forget the glossy chocolate brown dress shoes.

DIY Your Own Slim Fit Suits 

If you currently can’t or don’t have what it takes to buy a slim fit suit, then make your own. You will need plain colored slim fitted trousers (if not then formal jeans would do), a collared formal shirt and a blazer. Opt for fresh colors like red, bright blue, yellow and even green.

Maroon and Brown

Not the best two colors you would expect together but they look surprisingly sexy. Go for a white formal shirt with brown polka dots, dark brown tie, maroon blazer and trousers and brown formal shoes.