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Modest Bathing Suits – Examples and Ideas

Hitting the beach must be the most exciting and fantastic thing about summertime. The waves, ocean and sandy plains even out the injustice of summer that includes the unbearable temperatures alongside bug armies, constant sweating, and inability to wear cute stuff. All the time you feel like flinging off every piece of clothing you are wearing and stomping away in some huge cool ocean. Well, that’s what going to beach is for. But, here comes the downside, many girls do not feel comfortable running around in a skimpy bikini with so many onlookers. Not just that but some Muslim girls can’t show their skin off like that. For such girls, modest bathing suits are their best choice. Here are some ideas and styles you can check out:


The perfect thing to wear to a beach is a long A-line dress. Opt for a comfortable and easy material like cotton and calm colors like white and vanilla yellow. If the dress reaches to your ankles then great but if it is shorter pull on some leggings under it.

Tees and Shorts

Not really the type of modest bathing suits that Muslim women can opt for but this one is for the other girls. Make sure your shorts are light and breezy and your t-shirt slightly baggy and loose.

Cami and Bottoms

Other great modest bathing suits ideas are these two items paired together. The shorts can be of any height you possibly like.

Full Sleeve Shirts and Slim Fit Pants

This is like the modest bathing suits especially created for Muslim women. They usually compromise of a headscarf (hijab) as well. Made from breathable and soft fabrics you can jump in the water with them and fully enjoy all beach activities while feeling comfortable and safe in your own skin.