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How to Wear A Plus Size Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is probably the best thing to enter your wardrobe. The elegance, style, and comfort you gain from this singular piece of clothing is simply stupifying. Sweaters in themselves are super comfy and great to snuggle in. But sadly they are not formal wear. So sweater dresses are created for those girls who love to be cozy all the time. This article will be concentrating more on how to wear a plus size sweater dress. From classy to work attire to casual to party wear all these are great styles and you can always customize them according to your wardrobe:

Easy Spring Look 

You can tell by the texture and material of a plus size sweater dress that it is a spring type of look. Features like off shouldered, baggy, distressed and hangs around your mid thighs. For such a dress wear it alone with greek sandals and a large clutch.

Burgundy Plus Size Sweater Dress

Burgundy is lovable color and incredibly customizable. Pair it with leather riding boots and a scarf for a chic look.

Work Look with Fitted Sweater Dress

Work looks are usually made from fitted clothes (not baggy like the first choice). Opt for a gray high neck, full sleeve plus size sweater dress with gray over the knee suede boots. A tassel poncho is an effortless way of perfecting your look.

Casual Outing Outfit

A light brown plus size sweater dress makes a great casual outing look. Make sure it’s a little baggy and has full sleeves. Pair with a crossbody black bag and white sneakers.

Coat Look

Coats never looked bad with a plus size sweater dress. Play with different gray shades and black suede thigh high boots.

Hats Add Style

To make your look appear more casual and and cute add a hat of any type in your outfit. Even a snapback looks trendy and unique.