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Bathing Suits Women: All The Types for Every Body

Every body is different than the other and in no way possible can one piece of clothing fit all. For every body shape you need a different flattering design and style. Here you will learn all about the variety of women’s bodies and the different types of bathing suits women.

Fake Tummy Tuck In

A one piece spandex suit with a belt around the stomach or go for the tummy control ones like this one on Amazon.

Athletic Show Off

Asymmetrical designs that curve around the waist to show off your toned abs are a must pick. Or just go for a skimpy bikini.

Legs for Days

One piece swimsuits are the best for bringing the concentration to your legs. No special design is needed!

Busty Display

For those women who like to show off their chest, halter necklines are the best at that. Find yourself a halter push up bra and bring all the eyes on you.

Slimmer Waist

A great trick for an illusion slimmer waist is to find a skin colored one piece swimsuit with strategically placed cutouts like this one.

Petite and Taller

You may remember ruched swimsuits from the black and white retro fashion days. Well, it is time to bring those back in the 21st century because they do wonders to your silhouette. Sometimes even change how you look completely. You .

Baby Bump

You can still hit the beach with that bump but you will need a different type of bathing suits women. Motherhood.com has got your back with its adorable and cute designs

Wide Hips 

Adjustable strings on your bikini bottom are a great idea. You can tie them to your comfort and they never prove to be an annoyance. It is also worth mentioning that cute little bow ties on the sides of your bikini have lately become a very big fashion hit. So get yourself a bunch from ShopStyle.