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What Are The Best Sports Leggings?

2017 brought with it a lot of awesomeness and drama but fashion designers and brands also welcomed their new chic trends. Workout clothing has recently shot up in the markets as every girl loves to have some of that in her wardrobe (even if she uses it or not). The point is that you need great athletic clothing in your possession for last minute gym plans and running/hiking expeditions. Don’t where to find the best sports leggings? Here are few that have earned their well reputation solely from satisfied customer reviews.

Wunder Under Lululemon Sports Leggings

Customers have said that this specific one has lasted more than 5 years with them through yoga, weight loss and running.

Zella Live in Sports Leggings

The name of this product may be a little extra but consumers did not hesitate in living and lounging in these comfortable leggings. “They suck in everything”!

Victoria Secret Yoga Leggings

The brand is not only famous for its fabulous bras and panties but their yoga pants have been said to last for more than 8 years. Customers have washed, used and worn them out for years at end but they still look good as new.

Lucy’s Perfect Core Sport Capris

Some women have said that these sports leggings have been with them for so long they forgot what year they got them. And the store still stocks them. Get your pair!

Nike Power Legendary Sports Leggings

Nike sports leggings are of course earn all the credit in the athletic world but this one is amongst the top 3 which gained the best user reviews.

Gap Fit Compression High Rise Capris

This one has a wonderful durability against washes and frequent use. Customers state that no matter how many years they have owned these capris, they do not pill or fade away. And above all are a cheap investment for an item that will stay for so long.