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Disney Inspired Bikini Swimsuits

Gone are the days when people used to say that Disney movies are for children. Now grown people are confessing their love for the touching stories that Walt Disney brings to life. Some girls go as far as purchasing Disney merch, jewelry and many more items to keep them close. It is an unbreakable bond! Recently a swimsuit brand called Enchanted Bikinis has been launched! And you can already guess what the brand is selling! Disney inspired bikini swimsuits are the new top hit in the fashion world.

What Do They Sell?

The brand being newly launched is not really delving in the fashion world with a bang. Instead, it is advancing slowly. Currently the website is featuring only 3 categories; tops, bottoms and accessories. The tops and bottoms being, of course, bikini swimsuit items.

Price Ranges

The bikini tops are all priced at $45. Nothing more or less than that! They come in all different designs featuring various Disney princess’ themes. On the other hand, the bikini swimsuit bottoms are all for $35. Currently all the collections and different bikini tops and bottoms are very limited because of the brand’s fresh arrival in the fashion world, but the future seems promising for this swimsuit business.

Shipping Rates

People living outside of the US, are entitled to International shipping which is at a flat rate of $18. While those who reside within the US only have to pay $8.

You can easily preorder any of the brand’s items on their official portal. The motive of the company is to help every woman find the princess inside of her regardless of a costume or not. With these Disney inspired bikini swimsuits, every woman can feed her inner fangirl. It has also been said that the brand stocks sizes for all types of bodies. But, if you do not know what size you are head over to the official portal and check out their Size Guide.