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Monokini Swimsuit: Designs and Styles to Choose From for Summer 2017

Shopping for swimsuits for 2017’s oncoming summer should be a task. With all the new trends and sizzling hot styles that are hitting the markets, every girl is targeting them making all the lot very cliche to look at. Why not stick to some timeless gorgeous designs that are bound to flatter you and not bite off half of your wallet’s contents. There are many styles on online retailers that you will really like to call yours. How about some suggestions to kickstart your search (and probably end it):

Tribal Printed Halter Neckline Monokini Swimsuit

Nothing beats tribal prints for they have been here since the tribal ages. You can always rock this type of monokini swimsuit no matter which year it is. The piece has waist cutouts and features a chic halter neckline.

Sexy Black Strappy One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

Strappy monokini swimsuits are perfect for pool parties and glamorous parties by the shoreline of the beach. With a Brazilian cut bottom, you will most definitely love this flattering one.

Pink Tassel Plunge Neckline Monokini Swimsuit

Tassels are another form of detail every girl would love to have on her monokini swimsuit. This one looks like a two piece from the back but features chic waist cutouts and a daring neckline from the front.

Tie Dies and Florals

Floral patterns are another timeless part of the monokini swimsuit trend. This one has that alongside gorgeous tie dye designs and a halter neckline. Worth half of your wallet!

Plunging Neckline and Bottom Line Monokini Swimsuit

You always see this type of monokini swimsuit on models in music videos. With the high cuts around the bottom and daring plunge necklines, you can sport one of those sexy swimsuits now! And it’s only $14!

Sheer Simplicity

It is worth adding a quite simple monokini swimsuit to the list. This one has a simply sexy aura about it with a V bottom and deep V neckline.