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Beach Looks with A One Piece Bikini

Hitting the beach? Most girls do the mistake of applying makeup on to their faces before setting food on to the sandy ground. That is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Makeup is of course a great idea to brighten your features and especially if you are going for waterproof makeup. But going to the beach is all about showing your skin and letting the sun tan your skin. If you want to look sexy and gorgeous in your one piece bikini then you probably should follow the pointers below:


With a one piece bikini you are going to want to let your natural hair shape come through. Forget all about flat irons and everything. Think about this as a break from all unhealthy habits of yours and you are going to want to do this once more. With WikiHow’s tutorial and HelloGlow’s you can get your perfect beach hair look without any heat.


You still want that fresh look that you get with your concealer, primer and foundation, no? Glamour brings you a list of different problems you can deal with before you beach vacay. Many experts say you should exfoliate your face before your beach day as well. And just for the heck of it, read what TheBeautyBean has to say about before-beach-day-must-dos.

Body Hair

Many girls are scared to go for waxing or shaving before their beach day and laser hair removal simply can’t be done in one day. Well if you are going for a one piece bikini then you can find ones that can hide the exact spots you do not want exposed. For example, this retro one-piece bikini is perfect for extra bottom coverage. Not to mention this one on eBay. You can also choose added detail and flare to your one piece bikinis like shown on this monokini.