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Why Wear A High Waist Bikini

We can all agree that the amount of bikini styles in the world are distracting to say the least. You can get lost when trying to take your pick from the plenty of varieties in front of you. But the trick is to actually go for those styles and designs that work for you. Those 3 magical words are the trick to buying nearly every fashion item. Scratch that! All fashion items that fill your wardrobe should work for you and if they don’t…you do not need them. Below are some amazing advantages to buying high waist bikini, if you are into them. If you are hearing about them for the first time, take a read. Maybe they will work for you.

They Are Retro Inspired

For those girls with a craze for the retro world, in the old days girls always wore high waist bikinis. In fact, these are more referred to as vintage bikinis than retro ones, but recent designs have proven that vintage can be transformed into retro.

No Wardrobe Malfunctions Here!

All girls love to romp about in the ocean and get wet in the hot sun. But this becomes kind of a trouble when your skimpy panties are slipping off with the force of the water and being weighed down. With a high waist bikini, you can avoid all that embarrassment.

Crop Top After Beach Look

With a high waist bikini, you can throw off the bikini top and wear a crop top in its place for a perfect after beach party or drink with friends. Somehow the high waisted bikini bottom seems more fitting than a pair of panties.

Best for Plus Size Women 

Even plus size women can bask in the glory of a high waist bikini. It does not matter about your size, there are plenty of high waist bikinis in all sizes.