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Inspiring Brick Garden Wall Ideas for an Impacting Backyard

Between plant arrangements, patio furniture and pergola styles, there’s no shortage of stunning garden ideas just waiting to find their way into your garden. But one area you may be overlooking is garden wall ideas.

Garden walls are not just for structural support or marking property boundaries. The right garden wall design can completely transform the look and function of your outdoor living space.

Read on to find the best garden wall ideas that will add that finishing touch to your home’s landscaping that may be missing.

We think a lot about interior design ideas while the exterior of our homes is often neglected. But outdoor wall decor ideas are an easy way to brighten up a boring outdoor space. They can add color and character to gardens all year round, not just in the summer months.

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, consider exterior wall space as an expanded decorating opportunity. Look for ideas that transform it into a colorful focal point or a calming oasis that serves as a backdrop to your garden seating or dining area.