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Best Cone Shaped Flowers

You may have come across star-shaped or round flowers, but have you ever spotted stunning cone-shaped flowers?

Flowers stand out more when they have a unique shape! These cone-shaped flowers are sure to be an eye-catcher in your garden!

Best cone-shaped flowers

The term “cone-shaped flowers” ​​here means that they become wider at the bottom and taper towards a pointed shape towards the top, creating a cone-shaped appearance.

1. Quesnelia

Botanical name: Quesnelia

Quesnelia features showy flowers with a slightly pointed shape at the tip and comes in bright shades of red, blue and purple.

2. Red Hot Poker

Botanical name: Kniphofia spp.

Also known as Torch lilyIt is an herbaceous perennial with tall inflorescences of bright red, orange and yellow yellow colors.

3. Snapdragons

Botanical name: Antirrhinum majus

A great potted plant, Snapdragon flowers form a conical shape when growing in clumps. What makes them even more attractive is that they grow on tall spikes.

4. Gayfeather

Gayfeather Best Cone-Shaped Flowers

Botanical name: Liatris spicata

Gayfeather, also called Blazing Star, has tall spikes of cone-shaped flowers that also attract bees Butterflies.

5. Gooseneck loosestrife

Botanical name: Lysimachia clethroides

This plant thrives in sunny spots and locations small white flowers tightly packed on sturdy spines. It blooms from May to August.

6. Cardinal flower

Botanical name: Lobelia Cardinalis

Cardinal flowers have tall, leafy inflorescences and bright red flowers that are particularly popular humming-bird or Butterflies.

7. Inventory

Botanical name: Matthiola incana

Stock is an easy-care plant known for its clove-scented flowers. Make sure the plant receives enough bright and indirect sunlight for optimal flowering.

8. Culver’s Root

Culver's Root Best cone-shaped flowers

Botanical name: Veronicastrum virginicum

This tree, native to North America, has cone-shaped flowers White and pink tones. It is ideal as a border plant.

9. Argentea Celosia

Celosia argentea Best cone-shaped flowers

Botanical name: Celosia argentea var. cristata

Also known as wool flower, it features unique cone-shaped flower heads in colors of red, orange, yellow and yellow pink colors.

10. Buddleia

Botanical name: Buddleja davidii

Buddleia or Butterfly bushis a deciduous shrub that produces pointed flower spikes in shades of lavender, pink or white.

11. Honey Flower

Honeyflower Best cone-shaped flowers

Botanical name: Melianthus major

Native to South Africa, honeyflower is an evergreen shrub with nectar-rich flowers. It is highly toxic, so be careful!

12. Lupine

Botanical name: Lupinus spp.

Lupins are herbaceous perennials with tall, cone-shaped inflorescences. If you have a bright terrace or balcony, this is a must!

13. Honorary Prize

Botanical name: Veronica spp.

It is also known as Veronica low maintenance effort Perennial with tall, pointed inflorescences in white, blue, pink or purple.

14. Carex

Botanical name: Carex spp.

Carex flowers come in red, yellow, brown and even green. They add unique texture and color contrast to garden environments.

15. Fountain grass

Botanical name: Pennisetum setaceum

Fountain grass has fluffy feathers with a pointed appearance, although falling. These feathers last until fall and add a beautiful touch to gardens.

16. Lavender

Botanical name: Lavandula spp.

Known for its tall cone-shaped spikelet flowers, lavender is a versatile herb whose uses range from decorative to culinary.

17. Milkweed

Botanical name: Polygala vulgaris

Milkweed flowers come in blue, purple, pink or white. The flowers are not quite pointed and have a more pronounced shape at the tip.

18. Aloe Succotrina

Aloe Succotrina cone flower plant in the garden

Botanical name: Aloe Succotrina

aloe Succotrina has thick, spiny leaves with tall spikes orange and pointed flowers! It can certainly be a focal point in a small garden!

19. Peppermint

Botanical name: Mentha Piperita

Peppermint has small, pointed flowers in shades of pink, purple or white. It is a cross between spearmint and water mint.

20. Hedysarum

Botanical name: Hedysarum Coronarium

Also known as French honeysuckle, this plant grows red and smells sweet Flowers with a conical shape.

21. Delphinium

Delphinium cone flower pot in the garden

Botanical name: Delphinium spp.

Delphiniums have bright, conical flower spikes that make them appear taller. The flowers are available in purple, blue, red, white and orange.

22. Foxglove

Foxglove flower plant in the garden

Botanical name: Digitalis purpurea

The species, native to Europe, has cone-shaped flowers in shades of pink, white and purple. Keep it away from pets as it is mildly toxic.

23. Bugleweed

Bugleweed cone flower pot near the wall

Botanical name: Ajuga reptans

Bugleweed, also known as Carpet Bugle, is a low-growing perennial that produces spikes of small, cone-shaped flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink or white.

24. Loosestrife

Botanical name: Lythrum salicaria

It is a member of the Lythraceae family and has showy white, magenta or reddish-purple flowers in long clusters called racemes.