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Leather Messenger Bag: Contemporary Vintage Ensembles

Bringing back old trends in the fresh and modern days of 2017 may or may not be a bad idea. Depending on the item you wish to bring back with a bang you must contemplate many choices and bits of advice at first. It is relatively hard to easily style outfits from within your wardrobe while adding a foreign item. But a leather messenger bag, on the other hand, is quite easily styled and brought back from the dead. A simple bag that you can wear to work and other formal casual events, there are a number of ways to wear it in an outfit. Here are a few suggestions to contemplate:

Formal Blazer Look

Find yourself a leather messenger bag in brown color and pair it with navy blue formal trousers, checkered formal shirt, V-neck gray sweater and a gray blazer on top. You can top off your look with brown leather shoes.

Black and Denim

These two make a really great pair and this is how you can incorporate them into an outfit. Start with a pair of dark blue jeans, black knit sweater, maroon knit scarf and a black leather jacket with a light brown leather messenger bag. Black suede boots will look great!

Casual Formal Work Boy

Keeping your look preppy and modern is hard but with this outfit, you can do that without trying. Begin with navy blue capri pants held up with a black belt and partnered with a short sleeve collared formal shirt, black sneakers, and a black leather messenger bag.

Brown Winter Ensemble

Brown is a great neutral color to wear in winter. Opt for an all brown look with this outfit: brown pinstriped formal trousers, white formal shirt, brown blazer, dark brown shoes, dark brown leather messenger bag and a gray thick knit scarf.