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Courtyard garden ideas and designs

Courtyard garden ideas are often a hidden gem when it comes to garden design. Yes, they may be small, but they can be beautiful sun traps and retreats.

A courtyard garden is often described as “a flat space with walls around it,” which doesn’t sound like the most inspiring idea for a small garden. But while your space may be overlooked by neighboring walls, it can still be a space where shade-loving plants thrive, and you can use your creativity in choosing landscaping, furniture and decorative elements when choosing patio garden ideas let.

There are other professionals too. Stone and brick walls absorb and store the sun’s heat and slowly release it again – your courtyard could be a sanctuary at the end of the work day. Likewise, the walls around your courtyard can create a barrier against rain. Therefore, you need to think more carefully about the plants and perhaps choose those that do not need a lot of water, while the frost may not be so severe, so fruit trees may be affected better.