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Fifties Fashion Outfits for the Twenties

The 50s were all about modesty and covering up yet keeping a little peek of skin here and there to seduce the gentlemen of those days. Long dresses were a big hit back then (more than they are now) and they came in all various styles and designs. But long dresses no longer hold the charm from the 50s’ days. Instead you can recreate outfits from those fifties fashion looks with the items you currently can find in the markets. Let us not ruin the surprise outfits for you, so without further ado; take a read:

Collared Blouse and Midi Skirt

These are the 2 essentials of this outfit but do not forget the third. A sweater! Ladies back then did not step out of the house in such unconservative clothing. Choose beautiful colors like pink and light green. Also, black heels!

Patterns and Hairdos

These 2 were the main aspects from the fifties fashion. In this look you will be focusing on those only. Choose a knee-length red and black plaid skirt and a red blouse. Tuck your blouse in the skirt and complete the look with a fifties fashion hairdo like upright pin curls.

Headscarves and Glasses

There were feisty fifties fashion outfits for the bold gals back then and this is one of them. A white blouse, mid-thigh length skirt, gold necklace and a mini cardigan. Pair with a polka-dotted headscarf and cute vintage sunglasses.

Cute Schoolgirl Outfit

You will need: skinny jeans (folded up around the hem), blue top, denim jacket and a brown leather jacket on top. Choose lightweight fabrics for all your items and pair with cute brown heels.

A Modern Fifties Fashion Outfit

Checkered skirts are another modern item you can use to make fifties fashion outfits. Choose a black and white one with a short sleeved black top (tucked in of course) and a cute half up half down hairdo.