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DIY Ideas for Sparkly Heels

You can’t go wrong with DIYs (this is a big fib, sometimes these tricky DIYs turn out really wrong). But in this article you will be seeing DIYs that are really easy and you can’t possibly go wrong with them. As it is known, sparkly heels are a huge hit amongst teenagers and youngsters. The sparkly shine and nature to these shoes lighten the hearts of many and are a great addition to every wardrobe. But instead of splurging on sparkly heels and deciding to purchase them from a high end retailer here’s how you can make them on your own. But you will need heels to start with.


Mostly you will need newspaper, glue, glitter, a brush and a small container (optional). The newspaper is to insert inside your heels to minimize mess. The glue is to apply on the desired area so the glitter can stick. The brush will be used to apply the glue and the small container is (sometimes) used to mix the glue and glitter together and apply. Some people like to apply glue then sprinkle glitter on top but that is messy.


There is an option of you applying your glittery gluey paste to all your heels and making them look super shiny and sparkly. Here you can have a look!

Another example would be that you apply the glitter on all of your shoe except for the underside area. Best done with nude heels, apply silver glitter. Brit.co shows you the perfect result.

An even better idea is to sparkle up the heel only. Capitol Romance shows an example.

Two toned sparkly heels are just pure genius. You will need two different glitter colors but the result will be fantastic. You can see for yourself.


And last of all, play a little with your own ideas. Somethingturquoise.com showcases a fitting example of such an idea.