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Chic Ways to Wear A Russian Hat

Hats are probably the last thing you want in your wardrobe in winter. Beanies and fur scarves are the most suitable items you will need for winter but there comes an exception when you are referring to a Russian hat. These hats unlike beanies and fur scarves are way warmer and made from 100% natural materials help in keeping you feeling snug and warm during the cold days of winter. Now, there is a big talk about how these hats stick out like sore thumbs in the modern day 21st-century fashion wardrobe. But it only takes a few instructions for you to design a wonderfully chic and quite contemporary outfit, fit for all occasions during the days of winter.

Long Coat and Leggings

With a furry Russian hat, you want to pair it with an equally furry set of clothes. Opt for a pair of black skinny jeans, black sweater, black booties, black scarf, black handbag and a beige fur coat for your outfit.

Russian Patterns

You must be aware of how unique are the Russians’ taste in fashion. They are however famous for their patterns. Opt for a skirt in a unique pattern along with a striped gray sweater, black leather knee high boots and a black Russian hat.

Chic Laid Back Outfit 

Channeling your inner casual sophisticated diva with this look is a great idea. Start with a button up collared blouse with a front open poncho blanket. Pair with golden shimmery slim fit pants, black booties, a big black tote and a brown Russian hat.

Sweeping Coats

For this look, you will need a coat that actually sweeps to the floor. Ankle length coats are in abundance and help you to style/wear whatever you want underneath. For this look, you will need a vibrantly colored scarf, a beige Russian hat, crossbody suede bag and booties.