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What Shoes to Wear With A Brown Suit

Styling your suit is really all that matters. Wearing a suit as it is and just stomping out of the house is barely a look. Going for the proper shoes, footwear, pocket handkerchiefs, overall (if necessary), bag, sunglasses…etc. And all these items should be chosen wisely. For example, any type of shoes cannot match with a brown suit. Although the options for footwear of a brown suit are endless thank you to the versatile color, but green and yellow does not work. So to avoid any confusion, read the following colors available in footwear forms:


No shocker there, a brown suit looks dapper with a pair of brown shoes. The only thing you have to take care of is that the shoes have to be a different shade than the suit. There are other things you should also take care of i.e certain features of the shoes. For example, leather shoes are a handsome selection to make. While glossy ones are classy. Not to mention textured ones are unique.

Red Shoes

Red and brown make a great choice and look great together although the two shades are incredibly contrastive. With red shoes you can definitely stand out. Call them statement shoes!


If you can find a pair of shoes that are a hybrid between red and brown then you will be combining two major colors to produce a great result. They usually are not found in different sections of a store. You will need someone with you to help you pick out and choose them.


Black shoes look extremely chic and classy when paired with any brown suit. No matter what the shade is, a pair of shiny black shoes will never fail to make you look super dapper.


An experimental color you can work with that also has plenty of different shades, you must try it out.