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How to Wear A Micro Skirt Properly!

Micro skirts are so often referred to as trashy and stripper clothes but they are hardly that. Yes, they are super short and very naughty but does that make them trash? And what is wrong with stripper clothes? This article is for those ladies who are not shy to be confident about their assets and pull on a micro skirt because they are feeling like it. Just like every other fashion item these ones also have their Dos and Donts. You must take great care while styling your micro skirt outfit for a small glitch can make everything go wrong. Without further ado take a read and leave a comment on what you think!


How can you miss this? No one can! With a micro skirt you must remember a pair of underpants. Shapewear is usually very much liked because it gives a very defined silhouette of your hips and you definitely want that with this tiny skirt.

No Tight Tops

You are basically wearing a micro skirt because you need to accentuate your hips and shapely derriere. A skimpy or tight top is a way of flattering and showing your bust. That is not advised when you are going for a skirt to accentuate your hips. Bring all the attention in one area or else your outfit will look unbalanced.

Different Angles Reveal

Wearing micro skirts no doubt makes your lower area very revealed to eyes so you want to determine exactly how much you want to reveal. When sitting and exiting your car, you are definitely going to be showing more than intended so you can think about that beforehand. Choosing a mini skirt like the one in the last and third picture is more practical as it clings to your body.

Not Just Sex Appeal

Micro skirts are of course very sexy but if you do not want to appear so blatantly and shamelessly asking for attention you can play with the look a bit. Adding key items in your wardrobe like thigh high boots and vintage off shoulder tops is a good idea.