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How to Buy Cowboy Belt Buckles

Cowboy belt buckles are not only downright stylish, chic and bold, they are also quite the rage. You do not have to be a cowboy per say when choosing to buy cowboy belt buckles. If you are looking into purchasing a belt or two with these buckles on them, it is essential to understand how to pick them out. There are three major components to consider when purchasing a cowboy belt buckle.


The Western style belt buckles are larger and more ornate than the average belt buckle that you know of or have worn before. They generally come in oval shapes, however you will find rectangular ones too. Some people regard ti a matter of pride to have a large cowboy belt buckle – the larger and more elaborate being the better. In some cases, belt buckles as big as a man’s hand are given as prices in contests.


The common material used in making cowboy belt buckles is metal. This type of metal generally tends to last longer than the other choices of metals. Gold and silver happen to be the most expensive of the lot. Your best bet would be on stainless steel as very sturdy and affordable as well as attractive. You could also go for hard plastic ones but those don’t last that long anyway.


You may choose to have your cowboy belt buckle personalized or custom designed. This will allow for an engraving at the back of the buckle allowing you to the sass, class and style on the front, while retaining the special message or engraving on the back to make you know of how special it truly is. It is common to purchase belt buckles based on certain themes such as a festival or a rodeo at which they are generally sold.