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Christmas Cardigan – The Right Way to Wear It

Christmas sweaters are always referred to as grandma style or something you would not want to go to a party too. Of course within the family is a must but the first thought when it comes to wearing Christmas sweaters is; “umm”. It is always a decision-less thought that drives you insane. But what if you can craft the trendiest and sexiest looks from a Christmas cardigan? Yes, although you may hate how this sounds, no judging unless you see through all the ideas below. Who knows? You might actually like them!

LBD and Christmas Cardigan Look

Cardigans are way different than sweaters and even if you button them all the way up, they still look different. So why not just embrace that? For this look you will need a black dress (party wear type), a Christmas cardigan, knee high stockings and a beanie. This look can be seen in the first picture below.

Christmas Cardigan and Shorts

This may as well be a no-pants look but not every girl is okay with that. So, going for the most reliable and functional look; choose shorts. But the trick is to find a Christmas cardigan, long enough to brush past your hips, maybe around the middle of your thighs. Pull a pair of shorts underneath and you’re set. (Button up all the buttons).

Basic Crop Top and Skirt Look

Although the look may appear basic at first sight, but the Christmas cardigan will definitely top off everything. Looking chic as well as super gorgeous, play with different seasonal colors. Add a beanie for effect and thigh high boots.

Mini Christmas Cardigan and Coat

Although a cardigan cannot do the work of warming you up in the bitter cold month of December, a coat can. Opt for any casual outfit you have (skinnies, sweatshirt), then throw on a Christmas cardigan and on top of that shrug a coat on. Make sure it’s a furry one!