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Ladies Shorts – Time for Some Sun and Chill

Winter is ebbing away now that February has settled in. You can see the trees starting to blend into the environment with their small shoots and budding flowers. Spring has officially begun and you can’t keep wearing scarves and coats when the sun is out. Instead opt for some ladies shorts. They come in different lengths meaning you will be able to take your pick and choose accordingly. Although the short short ones are always recommended for they look more chic. But, wait do not start judging yet. Short shorts are easier to style and wear because there is plenty of options that come with them. You can go for long shirts, drapey shrugs, slouchy cardigans and overlarge sweatshirts and everything will look awesome and ‘boho’ as some would put it.

Shorts of the length shown in the 4th picture do not go well with day to day wear because they just are not functional. Maybe you can throw them on for garden work/house cleaning. If you are headed out for some event/lunch with friends or picnic, you want shorter ladies shorts. They look preppy and you will be surprised on the variety of outfits that stem from a simple pair of shorts. And it is guaranteed that if you google “shorts outfits” you will definitely get results of shorts that reach the bottom of your derriere. Although some ladies may think that is too revealing, there are ways you can cover up all that exposed skin to feel more comfortable.

Because there is a variety of women who like to cover up their exposed legs, now you can find leggings with an attached short piece. In that way you can cover your legs but at the same time look effortlessly chic in a one piece apparel. You can find an example of this on Dresshead for only $6. Definitely worth it!