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Beautiful Heart Shaped Succulents

This unique Heart-shaped succulents will fill your home with a romantic atmosphere all year round. And yes! They are also easy to maintain!

When it comes to plants, nature has many amazing species to offer! One of them is succulents with unique shapes, textures and leaves that can really amaze with their appearance – just like these heart-shaped succulents.

Heart-shaped succulents

1. Heart necklace

Heart-shaped succulents

Botanical name: Ceropegia woodii

This evergreen, trailing succulent has delicate, heart-shaped leaves on slender tendrils. They are dark green, marbled silver on the upper side and green to purple on the underside.

2. Sweetheart Hoya

Botanical name: Hoya kerrii ‘Variegata’

This is the number one plant when it comes to heart-shaped succulents – its beautiful light green leaves with white or creamy yellow variegation in the center too if you’re growing a variegated variety.

Interesting fact: On Valentine’s Day it is generally only sold as a single-rooted leaf.

3. Emerald Ripple Peperomia

Heart-shaped succulents 2

Botanical name: Peperomia caperata

Peperomia caperata is an epiphytic semi-succulent plant usually grown as a houseplant. It has deeply veined, wavy, wrinkled, heart-shaped dark green leaves on red colored stems.

4. Calico kittens

Botanical name: Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis

This low-growing succulent has smooth, curling or flat branches. The heart-shaped leaves are small, fleshy and green. It remains compact and looks good in small pots.

5. Candle plant

Heart-shaped succulents 3

Botanical name: Adenia stylosa

This is a pachycaul shrub that forms a tangle of twisted, succulent stems. The violet-purple to dark green leaves have dark red veins with a heart or bell shape.

6. Million hearts

Botanical name: Dischidia ruscifolia

This decorative plant is characterized by slender and stiff green shoots displaying a dense pair of heart-shaped green leaves.

7. Sweetheart Hoya

Heart-shaped succulents 5

Botanical name: Hoya kerrii

This semi-succulent plant has light green leaves on long vine stems. It is usually sold as a single-leaf plant.

8. Living pebbles

Botanical name: Conophytum bilobum

This small, stemless succulent has heart-shaped lobes in a rich shade of green with a faint purple or red line at the tip. Beautiful flowers grow too!

9. Cheyenne Echeveria

Botanical name: Echeveria ‘Cheyenne’

Cheyenne’s large, curled leaves give it a unique look. Even more attractive are the flowers, which form a beautiful heart shape.

10. Little Missy Sedum

Botanical name: Sedum ‘Little Missy’

The tiny leaves of this plant are ovate, round or heart-shaped and have light green edges with a charming pink hue.

11. Paddle Plant

Paddle plant pot in the garden

Botanical name: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

The paddle plant has thick, serrated leaves in red and green. As they mature, their leaves develop into a heart-like shape.