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The Top Balcony Garden Ideas

“Tast every fruit from every tree in the garden at least once. It is an insult to creation not to fully experience it. Temperance is wickedness.” – Stefan Fry

If the thought of gardening makes you imagine tilling acres of compost, think again. For those who live in apartments (or just want to liven up an outdoor space), balcony gardens are just the ticket.

With the right plants and a few space-saving tips, you can grow a surprising variety of flowers and plants in just a few compact containers. So read on for the best balcony garden ideas that prove everyone can show their green fingers.

In the grand scheme of exterior design, gardeners often design cozy flower gardens in favor of lush greenery or exotic species. However, if you leave the petunias, snapdragons and geraniums to your grandma, you are missing out!