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Long Boots – Trendiest Styles & How To Wear Them

Boots are a magnificent timeless piece of fashion that will always compliment you and every outfit you pair them with. Their style is unique and most of all chic. There are many variations of boots, one of them being long boots. These long boots are incredibly stylish and have recently swept the media off its feet and into a frenzy. Companies, brands, and designers from all around the world have taken it upon themselves to create the chicest designs for all the women who like to look chic and at their best all the time. Here are a few of the trendiest styles created and how to wear them:

Suede Long Boots 

Whether these have heels or not, suede long boots are a sight to fall in love with. The texture and material of the boots make them a prime pick to be worn with short skirts and dresses. Play with the different textures with a suede skirt or a sweater dress.

Leather Long Boots 

Leather will always be a material that every woman adores. Handbags, skirts, jackets and best of all leather long boots are a choice that should always be in a lady’s wardrobe. They look best when worn with skinny jeans, overlarge sweaters, mini dresses and shorts.

Latex Long Boots

These are not exactly fashion items but can be worn with a certain number of outfits. They are mostly worn with themed outfits, Halloween costumes, and lavish events where you can dress up as ridiculously as possible and still be considered a fashion trend.

Thigh High Boots

Mostly knee high and over the knee boots are worn in every other outfit but thigh highs are a different story. Elegant and chic in their own way they help in making your legs look longer. Opt for these items when wearing dresses and mini skirts.