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Different Types of A Maternity Winter Coat

In the 9 months, you hold your little one in your stomach, you are no stranger to harsh times. And winter with its freezing cold poses to be the hardest time of your entire life. The cold does not do you any good and as an expectant mom, you need a huge pile of warm clothes for going out for walks and errands. A maternity winter coat seems to be your best option as nothing can warm you up better than it. And like any other fashion piece, there are many variations to it.

Wrap Maternity Winter Coat with Belt 

A wrap coat is not only stylish but increases the folds of fabric on your body and warmth. The belt is a stylish addition and this type of coat comes in many lengths.

Army Parka

Both durable and super stylish you can find ones which have a hood as well like in the gallery below (2nd row, 1st image).

Puffer Maternity Winter Coat

A maternity winter coat does not seem to hide your baby bump but with a puffer coat, you can make your body look half as pregnant as it normally is.

Cropped Trench Coat

Trench coats are the thing and all but with a cropped trench maternity winter coat you have a way chicer and more contemporary look. Pair with white high neck sweater for best results.

Twill Jacket

Most coats tend to hide your baby bump as well as half of your legs. But if you want to hide just your bump and leave your thighs uncovered this jacket-coat works best.

Pea Maternity Winter Coat

Pea coats are so stylish and popular. They have a charm that matches with every item in your wardrobe and fits snugly around your body ensuring you much warmth and keeping your little one warm without compromising style.