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Casual Chic Athletic Shorts Outfits to Try for Summer

Athletic wear is one of that type of fashion wear that everyone loves to have a bit of in their wardrobe. Whether you are athletic or not, sportswear is a definite yes. It looks great and fits well. Athletic shorts are one of those fashion items that every girl deserves to wear at some point. And by all means, wear them over and over again after you see how comfortable, chic and perfect for summer they are. The outfits below are designed and put together with care for the hot days of summer so you can reap the benefits of these shorts:

Vibrant Splashes of Color

Athletic shorts are not only worn for sports but fashionable elegance can be accomplished with these. Start with neon orange athletic shorts, gray tee, pink bag and gray Nike sneakers. Sunglasses are a must but you can swap them out with a floppy wide brim hat.

Beach Wear

Going to the beach must not always be in a bikini. Opt for gray athletic shorts with black piping and detail with a sleeveless crop top or tank. Pair with flip flops/sandals.

Casual Spring Look

Spring is not exactly all hot. There are some days where it is chilly and bipolar. For such days go for light gray athletic shorts, graphic shirt in the same light gray color, white backpack, white beanie and white ankle strap platform heels.

Game Look

Going to watch a game with any of your peers calls for a sporty look. Start with burgundy athletic shorts with white piping, gray V-neck knotted tee and white sneakers.

Lazy Day In

Athletic shorts can also be worn for lazy days when you are wanting nothing but comfort. Opt for an off shoulder loose tee with athletic shorts in any color you like and sandals. If you are spending your day out in a garden/park go for flip flops.