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How to Wear Cargo Shorts for Women

Cargo is a look no one can say ‘no’ to. Cargo jackets, shirts, pants and most importantly cargo shorts are the best items you can add to your wardrobe. In summer, every girl loves to wear patterns and achieve certain looks but the temperature can be restricting at times. But, with cargo shorts you are always free to style your look differently. Even when the summer heat is unbearable the light green color will always keep you at a normal temperature. For some girls the color and design of these shorts may stick out like an odd thumb in their wardrobe. But do not worry, here are a few outfit ideas that will definitely steal your heart:

Plain Green Cargo Shorts

If you have cargo shorts in a plain green color then you are in luck. This versatile color can be paired with many different tops and colors. For starters, black is a staple color that can be worn with your shorts. If you have a top in a patterned black design like polka dotted or striped then opt for that too.

Greys, whites and creams are other colors that can be paired with plain green cargo shorts and look absolutely fabulous.

Contrasting Tops with Your Neutrals

Because cargo shorts are always available in neutral shades, you want to pick out a top that contrasts with that. Yellow and red are great examples of contrasting shades. Some girls like to pair their cargo shorts with a white lace top and pull on a cardigan of contrasting color on top.

Black and White Layers

Layering your clothes is always fun and a trendy choice. Go for a black and white striped tea and a black sweater on top. Leave your shirt untucked so a peek can appear from below the sweater or find a button up black sweater.