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How to Wear Hiking Shorts for Outdoor Activities

Going on outdoor adventures and indulging in activities of that sort, is a great thing to do especially in summer. Getting your dream summer body is only accomplishable through regular exercise and staying active. One of many girls’ favorite thing to do in summer to stay in shape is to go for a hike. Scaling steep and hilly areas tends to burn a lot of calories and keeps you in shape once you take up the habit. Of course, proper apparel and clothing are necessary and nothing beats the comfort, style, and chicness of hiking shorts. Although it is not advised to opt for these when hiking through wild plants/tall grass and tropical like places. If you are going for hiking shorts then you might want to check these outfits out:

Loose Tee and Hiking Shorts

Wearing loose t-shirts when going for a hike helps in keeping you feeling breezy and airy. Start your outfit with a pair of army green hiking shorts, loose cotton top, baseball hat, sunglasses, backpack, hiking boots and a hoodie around your waist.

Cut Off Hiking Shorts

For a preppy and edgy hiking look opt for this ensemble: khaki/army green hiking shorts, brown belt, cropped tank top/crop top in camo print, midi trek boots, leather gloves and a khaki hat.

Mountain Hiking Look

You want to keep your look light, mild and stylish for a mountain hike. Bearing in mind the dropping temperature go for a full sleeve sweater with your brown hiking shorts, backpack, sunglasses, and a bandana for safety.

Vibrant Hiking Shorts Look

This look is fairly simple. You will need blue hiking shorts, pink and purple plaid shirt, gray hiking boots and if necessary a sleeveless jacket in either purple or pink color.

Simple Hiking Attire

For a simple short hike opt for this easy ensemble: hiking shorts, V-neck tee tucked in your shorts, sunnies and white sneakers.