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How to Wear Your Leopard Print Cardigan

Animal prints are a very sensational hit in fashion nowadays. They no longer are looked at as tacky and trashy. Everyone wears leopard these days (because it is the most popular animal print) because it is simply awesome. More importantly, if you have a leopard print cardigan that somehow found its way in your wardrobe and you do not know how to wear it or use it in an outfit, here is some helping ideas you can choose from.


The ideas below do not mention the colors you should use but keep aware of the fact that there are only a select number of colors that look good with leopard prints. Some of them are: white, black, denim blue, grey, brown, orange and wine red. Although these aren’t all it depends on what colors were used to make your cardigan.

Simple Shirt and Work Pants

Heading to work? Want to spice things up a bit? Add a leopard print cardigan to your look which will consist of a shirt/blouse and a pair of work pants. Top off with peep toe heels.

Scarf, Leggings and Long Shirt

Do you have a long shirt and a pair of leggings in your wardrobe? Great, throw them together with a leopard print cardigan and a thick woolen scarf to accentuate the winter effect.

Tank and Denim Skinnies

All shades of denim are accepted by leopard prints and black is the prime shade. Your look will consist of: tank top, denim skinnies, pump flats and your leopard print overall.

All Denim

How about denim tights, a denim shirt, leather knee boots and some sunnies with your cardigan to add the ‘rawr’ effect.

Sophisticated Layers

Nothing looks better than layers in an outfit. Here’s what you will be wearing: collared Oxfords shirt, sleeveless sweater, denim shorts, sheer leggings, platforms and a leopard print cardigan. How about that?