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Shop the Sexiest Women’s DKNY Shoes

You’ve heard of DKNY handbags…the whole world has heard of them. And the ladies of the world absolutely adore the handbags. They are created with style and glamor and that is the case with DKNY shoes. All the designs are super glamorous and unique. Many of them sport the brand’s logo alongside other fantastic styles like studs, glitter and animal prints. A very bold selection for any wardrobe, below is a list of some gorgeous shoes. Interested?

DKNY Bell Sneaker with Giraffe Print

Forget cheetah, lion and tiger prints these yellow giraffe printed DKNY shoes are hard to resist. With a leather upper and thick sole you are bound to turn heads with your bold fashion statement.

Beige Chunky Heeled Leather Booties 

These beige peep toe leather booties with a back zipper look awesome in the summertime when paired with a spaghetti strap floral summer dress. The heel smeasures at nearly 3 inches.

Sleek DKNY Shoes with Elevated Sole 

Sleek sneakers are a must have in all wardrobes. You never know when you want to style a casual outfit with a black sneaker like this one. Currently on sale with a 3/4 inch sole, the shoes are vibrant with fabulous colors.

Black Glossy Goat Leather Cut Out Booties

These DKNY shoes sport a heel lesser than 3 inches tall and are made from leather. Although the sole is rubber, you can still sense their glamor from a mile away. Featuring heel cutouts from the back, open round toe, and a block heel these are perfect for daily wear.

Mettalic Silver Slip On Sneakers with Cracked Effect

These silver sneakers match with every skinny jeans outfit. Bringing a much needed sizzle in your look, they are easy to wear and have a rubber sole with a height of 0.5 inches. The cracked leather effect helps in giving your outfit a edgy dimension.