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How to Wear Hiking Shorts for Outdoor Activities

Going on outdoor adventures and indulging in activities of that sort, is a great thing to do especially in summer. Getting your dream summer body is only accomplishable through regular exercise and staying active. One of many girls’ favorite thing to do in summer to stay in shape is to …

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Casual Chic Athletic Shorts Outfits to Try for Summer

Athletic wear is one of that type of fashion wear that everyone loves to have a bit of in their wardrobe. Whether you are athletic or not, sportswear is a definite yes. It looks great and fits well. Athletic shorts are one of those fashion items that every girl deserves …

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Maternity Shorts: How to Wear them Fashionably

In maternity, everything is limited. Not too much but you can’t possibly do things like you used to do before. Of course as obvious as that may be, fashion must be the biggest part of your life that you miss. Confined to wretched maternity wear, it is a pain! But …

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How to Wear Cargo Shorts for Women

Cargo is a look no one can say ‘no’ to. Cargo jackets, shirts, pants and most importantly cargo shorts are the best items you can add to your wardrobe. In summer, every girl loves to wear patterns and achieve certain looks but the temperature can be restricting at times. But, …

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Ladies Shorts – Time for Some Sun and Chill

Winter is ebbing away now that February has settled in. You can see the trees starting to blend into the environment with their small shoots and budding flowers. Spring has officially begun and you can’t keep wearing scarves and coats when the sun is out. Instead opt for some ladies …

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