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Maternity Shorts: How to Wear them Fashionably

In maternity, everything is limited. Not too much but you can’t possibly do things like you used to do before. Of course as obvious as that may be, fashion must be the biggest part of your life that you miss. Confined to wretched maternity wear, it is a pain! But nowadays, you tend to find super sexy and chic maternity wear items. Things like maternity shorts are some of the stylish items you get to wear during your 9 months. Read below to know how to style the perfect stylish outfits:

White Maternity Shorts

White maternity shorts look wonderful on every pregnant lady. Pair with all sorts of calm and light colors like baby blue, spring green and yellow. Patterns are very much adored with white shorts.

Denim Maternity Shorts

The denim shorts you wear in maternity are different than normal ones. Especially if you are more than 6 months pregnant. Some come with a strong elastic waistband which serves as support to your bump. White and black striped and ponchos look cute with these types of shorts.

Red Shorts 

Maternity shorts are of all colors and types. It all matters on how you style your outfit. Opt for a nude or beige top with these red shorts. Keep your look sophisticated with a white lace shrug.

Long Shorts

If you want more coverage a long pair of shorts like the one showed in the 3rd picture below will be very fitting. Pair with a tank or a sleeveless top that brushes below your bump. Such shorts are way more comfortable than usual tight and short ones. They are loose and comfortable helping you to ease your mind.

Lace Maternity Shorts

Lace is a worldwide loved material and texture and pregnant ladies would love to feel glamorous and cute in a pair of lace maternity shorts. Pair with absolutely anything you love, the piece is versatile.