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How To Buy A Rab Down Jacket

The Rab Down Jacket is one of three forms of insulated jackets that are best worn in snowy and intensely cold regions. It attains the name from the kind of insulation that it provides which is down insulation. The other two forms are hybrid insulation and synthetic insulation. If you thought all insulation is the same, you’re in for a surprise. So what exactly are the characteristics of a Rab Down Jacket?


One of the best characteristics of the Rab Down Jacket has to be the warmth to weight ratio. The jacket provides maximum warmth for a minimal weight. So if you happen to go hiking or mountain climbing, rest assured the jacket will not hamper you in any way but instead will protect you fully in every way.

Water Resistance

The Rab Down Jacket does provide insulation to water however when wet, the jacket loses heat fast. Most of the times these jackets are not waterproof hence do not function at their best when wet or damp. You could get away with a slight drizzle but if it is pouring, you will eventually feel the heat loss and wetness seeping through.


Easily compressible, the down jacket can be stuffed into small spaces. You might think that would be hard seeing how floofy it is, but don’t be too sure. Being lightweight also helps the jacket in being compressed easily.


The cost of the jacket varies from seller to seller. However, it is known that if you are looking for a higher quality Rab Down Jacket, you will need to splurge.

All jackets also come with washing instructions so you don’t have to fret over cleaning them. With all these factors in mind and consideration, it will be easier to make the choice of purchasing a Rab Down Jacket to suit your needs.