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Ladies Blouses – What To Wear Them With

There are a variety of different tops in every girl’s wardrobe. If there is not, you have to stack up on them. Tops are the most important part of any girl’s wardrobe. They help in keeping your style and outfits colorful, variant and super stylish. Who wants to be seen wearing the same 3/4 tops every single week? Keeping there a plethora of different tops in your closet indirectly means you are stacking up on many different outfits. Ladies blouses are one of those tops that are like a wardrobe staple. They have to find a place in your wardrobe. You know why? Because they match with all sorts of clothes/bottoms. Check these suggestions out:


  • Skinny Jeans: Another wardrobe staple these can be styles very versatility but look especially chic when you go for a high waisted pair of skinnies with a trendy blouse design. Spring outfits look especially love with ladies blouses.
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Go for a long, easy, drapey, V-neck ladies blouses with these jeans for an optimum look.
  • Distressed Jeans: An informal look you can assemble with a half sleeve/sleeveless silk blouse and distressed jeans.


  • Pencil Skirts: Work looks are especially fun to play with and with a pencil skirt and ladies blouses you have a beautiful and trendy outfit. Go for a plain blouse and patterned skirt.
  • Mid Thigh Skirts: With such informal skirts you can make them look formal with a proper ladies blouse.
  • Leather Mini Skirts: A party and glam sort of look, you can go for a playful outfit with a sheer blouse over a bralette.


  • Floral Shorts: Layering your floral shorts outfit with ladies blouses is always recommended. Pair your blouse with a cashmere sweater.
  • Ruffle Shorts: Opt for light colored blouses with small patterns if needed.
  • Lace Shorts: If you can find denim ladies blouses, then they look great with white lace shorts.