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Oxford Shirts: How to Casually Wear Them

Oxford shirts are nearly always worn in work and formal looks. It is time, that you change that stereotype maybe even break it. How about you wear these formal shirts in casual and informal outfits? That seems like a fresh and preppy idea that you can add to your wardrobe. It is about time that you switch up your style and add a few stylish and trendy outfits to your selection. Below are a list of different styles and looks you can achieve with the simple contents of your wardrobe. It all matters about how you style the outfit:

Capri Skinnies and Oxford Shirts

Skinny jeans are great but a cooler way to portray them in your outfits is by finding them in a capri version. If you can’t or didn’t find these in your mall or local store then simply grab a pair of normal skinny jeans and roll them up at the hem.

Chic Mens Look with Oxford Shirts

This look is very preppy, versatile and fresh. All you need is plaid patterned navy blue dress pants, casual grey tee, suspenders and a light blue oxford shirt. You can pair the lot with loafers of caramel brown formal shoes.

Women’s Gorgeous Fall Look 

With a splash of neutral shades and a tasteful selection in jewelry this outfit may be the best you have created. You will need: black skinny jeans, knee-high dark brown leather boots, light blue oxford shirt (tucked in), thin and delicate cream colored belt, black handbag and cream scarf.

Men’s Black Boot Cut Look

Boot cut jeans are a really versatile item in your wardrobe. For this look you will need them in the color black, a black collarless oxford shirt, black socks and black formal shoes.

Women’s Vibrant Outfit

This look is fairly simple. You will only need a plain colored oxford shirt with a patterned pair of bottoms and heels of your choice.