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Easter Outfits: Easy and Trendy

For every holiday around the year you have to find yourself cute outfits that you can wear. A holiday or big day is incomplete without a look of great taste and color. Seeing as Easter is the closest holiday that is coming up, you must think of a couple of outfits that you can buy or plan from now. Easter outfits can range from light and colorful to long and flowy, there is no precise limit to what Easter outfits should look like. The bare minimum is just that they should be colorful and match the bright, fresh and sunny weather of April.

Colorful Maxi Skirt Look

Bringing all the attention on your maxi skirt, make sure you pick a statement one. Either one with stripes or paint splatters in lively colors. Anyone would do. Pair with a white top (because white goes with everything and it is the Easter bunny’s color).

Blue Oxford Shirt and Skirt Outfit

Oxford shirts are actually great carefree tops that are mistaken to be the formal type. Get one in a baby blue color and match with a floral skirt. The skirt can preferably have green, blue, white and/or pink in it. Accessories can be a pearl necklace and cream clutch.

Dress and Cardigan

Seeing as in April is not a summer month, the nights can get chilly and a dress is not proper wear. Find a sleeveless or strapless dress in Easter theme colors and throw a cardigan on top. Looks both modest and very fashionable. Flats are preferred over heels for such a look.

Shorts and Knotted Top

Shorts that reach the middle of your thighs are a perfect choice for girls of all ages. They are covering and not too showy. They also make great looks. Match them with any top of your choice and make a small knot at the front for style.