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Leather Boots for Women – Style Guide for 2017

Leather looks especially great when implemented in trendy/chic outfits. Whether you are opting for leather shorts, leggings, skirts and jackets they all add a certain flair to your outfit that every person seeks out. But when it comes to leather boots for women, there are plenty of ways to wear them. Because these are shoes and are available in a great many amount of styles, you can pair them with everything from dresses to skirts. Well, no ruining the surprise…read about all the amazing outfits you can make with leather boots for women below:

Skinny Jeans and Leather Boots for Women

When pairing skinny jeans and leather boots together, make sure you are opting for the tightest jeans and tops that do not go lower than your waistband. The boots create an illusion length to your legs making them longer.

Leather Booties 

Booties are awesome additions to every wardrobe. You can wear them with literally everything. But they look especially chic with fall and spring looks. An example of a bootie is in the 3rd picture below.

High Waisted Jeggings and Leather Riding Boots 

Jeggings are one way of complimenting all your curves. But opt for high waisted ones, with a tucked in slim fit sweater and leather riding boots and you have a look worth killing for.

Small Dresses and Leather Boots for Women

Another way of wearing leather boots and making them elongate your legs is with small dresses. If you are going for knee boots then thigh dresses work best.

Leather on Leather

Want to create a bold statement look? With leather leggings and leather boots for women, pair them with a tucked in sweater (thin or thick depending on the weather) and a sleeveless knee length coat.

With Suede Pants

Suede and leather look increasingly sexy together. Go for suede jeans or leggings with your leather boots for women outfit.