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Legging Jeans – Sexy Outfits for the Legging Lovers

Many girls love to wear leggings as pants and it so happens that fashion experts and divas tend to look down upon this activity. Wearing leggings as pants is apparently something unprofessional and looks downright unsavvy and even goes as far as trashy. But still, comfort is a big part of fashion and you can’t compromise that just because of someone else’s opinion. But you can actually go for other legging types instead of facing the criticism and hate. Legging jeans which are more typically called jeggings are the definition of comfort. Different than skinny jeans, these mold in to your curves and make you look way sexier. Read about some outfits if you are new to the fashion piece:

Sweater and Legging Jeans Look

Every type of sweater looks great with denim. And with jeggings (of any color) opt for a woolen full sleeve sweater. Pair with booties and a fashionable handbag to look super chic and trendy.

Formal Shirts Look Great with Legging Jeans

A formal shirt looks great on everything (regardless of the fact that it has the word formal in its name). Opt for light color outfit with white legging jeans and a slim fit light blue button up dress shirt.

Chic Work Look

Leggings are super informal to work but legging jeans are not. Opt for a pair of black legging jeans, a white scoop neck casual tee and a peach colored blazer. White or beige heels look great with this look.


Blouses of all sorts whether formal or informal look great with neat legging jeans. Go for a pair of jeggings that aren’t ripped or distressed and pair with a V neck wrap blouse.

Crop Tops

Crop tops and low rise legging jeans are the chicest look you can opt for in spring. Pair with a shawl wrap/shrug, booties, jewelry and sunnies.