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The Best Ways to Wear Mens Flannel Shirts

Flannels are a top favorite of so many people. And no matter which season or which time of the day it is, they love to slip on a comfy shirt and snuggle up in it. But if you are a more sophisticated person and want to go for a mens flannel shirts outfit that you can step outside of your home with then this list is for you.

Leathers and Boots

For this look, you will need to wear your flannel differently. Start with a white V-neck, a brown leather jacket, navy wrinkled jeans, brown boots then take your mens flannel shirts and knot it around your waist. How’s that for style?

Yellows and Reds

Keeping your looks fresh and vibrant with color is a great idea. Start with blue formal trousers, a plaid shirt, a flannel shirt and lastly a yellow jacket. The use of 2 different plaid designs makes your outfit edgy and unique.

Graphic Tee Look

Graphic tees are a wonderful addition to every wardrobe. Start with one that has a gray base color, black skinny jeans, black and white mens flannel shirts, and a black beanie. Black sneakers or boots work for this look.

Hipster Boy Outfit

This look is a sexy, hipster and trendy look that you can rock for any day full of fun. Start with a dark blue polo, a flannel shirt with yellows, reds, blacks, and whites. Top off with a backpack, jeans rolled up at the hem and brown laced boots. Finish off with a very light blue baseball cap.

Fall Winter Look

Mens flannel shirts look best when worn in fall/winter. This look has a lot of layering and needs: white full sleeve top, red mens flannel shirt, sleeveless puffer jacket, gray scarf, distressed jeans and brown boots. Fingerless gloves look awesome with this look.